Liquid alternative strategies that invest in a broad spectrum of global financial and commodity markets.

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Auspice eBetaTM Enhanced Indices

Auspice develops and manages enhanced single strategy indices and single commodity indices. Third generation indices take into account return and risk by identifying the direction of a market, prevailing risk, and contract roll optimization.

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Passive Strategies


Auspice eBetaTM Enhanced Indices can be invested directly through a managed account or through third party mutual funds and ETFs that have licensed the strategies. 

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Custom Strategies

Custom and Hedging Strategies

Auspice will create a customized investment strategy or will provide hedging guidance tailored to the unique needs of an investor.

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Custom Strategies

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Auspice Diversified Program

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CTA VAITM (Value Added Index)

Learn how Managed Futures has improved the long term risk-adjusted return of  an all equity portfolio.