May Auspice Managed Futures Index Commentary

Auspice Managed Futures Excess Return Index (AMFERI)

Market Review

The AMFERI pulled back 3.97% in May to be off 8.33% in 2014 year-to-date. The market environment remains challenging as volatility across many asset classes is very low. Equities, Interest Rates, Currencies and several commodities are experiencing the lowest volatility since pre-crisis in 2008. Some markets, like Crude Oil, are at 20 year lows. 

This is a deceiving blanket of comfort. Historically, these periods of non-volatility are followed by violent market activity. Is this non-volatile environment the proverbial calm before the storm? Institutional asset class rotation hints at potential changes. The momentum from asset class rotation away from Equities and Fixed Income is building. 

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