We realize there is inherent stigma for clients regarding alternative strategies. 

Despite, the long-standing use by HNW, Family Offices, and institutions, this remains a challenge for the Advisor. Let us help:

Our goal is to supply you with the knowledge to be able to communicate and educate your clients on strategies that help their portfolio.  We aim to eliminate the jargon and provide material that is simple and direct. Moreover, we are available to you. If you would like to include us in a call, or in person, we are able to accommodate.

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FundServ Codes

Auspice Diversified Trust is available through FundServ and is registered through a number of investment dealers. Accredited Investor rules apply.

Below are the Fundserv codes and investment options.

  • Auspice Diversified Trust Class A: ACA718 - Minimum $10K
  • Auspice Diversified Trust Class F: ACA728 - Minimum $10K
  • Auspice Diversified Trust Class I: ACA738 - Minimum $5 mm (single ticket)
  • Auspice Diversified Trust Class G: ACA748 - Minimum $10 mm (aggregate)
  • Auspice Diversified Trust Class S: ACA758 - Minimum $10 mm (aggregate)