GAS ETF Begins Trading

TORONTO, February 6, 2008 - CNW - Claymore Investments, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Claymore Natural Gas Commodity ETF (GAS) to begin trading today on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

The Claymore Natural Gas Commodity ETF seeks to provide a return based on the price and performance, less expenses, of the NGX Canadian Natural Gas Index (the Index). The ETF provides non-leveraged exposure to the Alberta natural gas market, by investing in physical natural gas forward contracts. The ETF will not use leverage and targets a 1:1 relationship between assets and natural gas exposure. In addition, the ETF will provide this exposure without being directly involved in the exploration, operation, reserves, engineering and management risks associated with an investment in entities that explore for, produce and sell natural gas.

Natural Gas is one of the most important energy commodities and is one of Canadas great energy assets. And this ETF will represent the first and currently only pure play product designed to give investors access to this great Canadian Natural Gas market, which we believe will have broad market appeal to both institutional and retail investors. We are excited to be partnering with both the NGX on the underlying index and our investment manager partners Auspice Capital Advisors Ltd., who will manage the day-to-day commodity exposure of the ETF, said Som Seif, President & CEO of Claymore Investments, Inc.

This article was originally posted on February 6, 2008