New Strategy Launch: Auspice Energy Program

Calgary, Alberta (June 21st, 2011) – Auspice Capital Advisors Ltd. (Auspice), a leading alternative investment provider, is pleased to announce the launch of the Auspice Energy Program, a managed futures strategy focused on global energy commodities. The Auspice Energy Program represents a unique opportunity for investors to access the institutional experience of Auspice’s portfolio managers, having previously managed energy portfolios for global energy company Shell Trading.

The Auspice Energy program profits from a multi-strategy multi-timeframe approach tailored to global energy price and volatility. The strategy is designed for investors looking to capture price movements in global energies such as crude, natural gas, heating oil, and also non-traditional energies such as carbon emissions and bio-fuels. The Auspice Energy Program is available to investors via managed accounts and through the Alphametrix (offshore Cayman) platform. The minimum account size is $5 million USD (trading level).


This article was originally posted on June 21, 2011