Trend May Be A Friend, But Risk Management Still Needed

INTERVIEW: Trend May Be A Friend, But Risk Management Still Needed—Auspice's Pickering

There's a saying in the financial markets that "the trend is your friend" and the trend is certainly the friend for gold and a few other commodities.

Tim Pickering, president and founder of Auspice Capital Advisors, said precious metals, along with the Canadian dollar, are two markets that are showing strong long-term up trends while natural gas has been on a strong downward trend. Using quantitative definitions of what is a trend and then applying certain criteria has helped Auspice post a solid return on investments of 10% so far this year. They have a three-year average of 13% and ranks in the top 15 of all Canadian funds, with about $200 million under management, he said.

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This article was originally posted on November 15, 2010