The Auspice Philosophy

Markets are not efficient. Emotions and cognitive biases lead to poor investment decisions which contribute to these inefficiencies. We employ a process driven approach to bypass emotions, identify inefficiencies and design strategies to capture returns. There are multiple drivers of returns and we believe the most resilient investments are built from combinations of non-correlated return sources. We also understand that markets change. We continually evolve our research to identify new sources of returns and seek to improve how we capture them.


Our Mission

We are here to challenge the status quo.  A diverse combination of the best stocks and fixed income investments does not mean low risk. Our mission is to transform the investment conversation away from fear and towards opportunity. We believe that non-correlated alternative investments will be a core holding in all portfolios.   We partner with investors who become the inspiration to create products that include other sources of returns. These products are uncorrelated, make their portfolios more resilient to adverse events in the market, and improve their risk adjusted returns overall.